Ranka Lee (Yellow and blue dress) - Macross Frontier


Kitacon 2014


For the Friday morning of Kita, a nice casual cosplay! I recently acquired a Ranka wig so I can now work on cosplaying my favourite Macross character <3

Mungojerrie posted on 14 April, 2014 - 15:22
Ohhhh you little cutie Mel <3 Such an adorable Ranka! :)

Littlegeeky posted on 14 April, 2014 - 17:41
Gah you look so cute hun!

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22nd March 2014

Necklace done!

Made from black cord, and the crown is foam covered worbla painted with acrylics, etc etc. And with that Ranka is complete!

22nd March 2014

Dress finished!

Aaaaaah I finally finished the dress XD took way longer than I wanted! It's quite heavy because of the many layers it needed in the end so I've had to use hot glue on the straps to keep them from breaking off (theyre a bit too thin to take all the weight ;__;) I'm in progress with making the necklace thing as well and then Ranka is doooooonneeee

20th March 2014

Under stitching!

Also had fun with under stitching for the first time XD I recently discovered it and am so sad I didn't discover it beforehand! It basically means the lining won't poke through and be seen that easily on the bottom of the skirt - obviously you can still see it as that's the idea but it won't look sloppy or anything XD Next move is to sew up the rest of the dress and make sure it all fits ok! I made the skirt a bit longer at the top so I can add darts ofr pleats purposefully.

20th March 2014

Dress in progress

Yesterday afternoon I worked on the dress some more :D I've sewn up the skirt. Here's a wip photo of the blue bit before being top stitched onto the skirt. There's two layers of yellow poly cotton (since it's quite thin) and one layer of pink poly cotton underneath as lining!

13th March 2014

Last minute cosplay because reasons

I bought a wig off Uni last Ayacon, and so now is the time to make Ranka's dress! Not sure if I will be having a pink underneath though, I shall see XD I've bought some yellow polycotton as I'm being very cheap and lazy. I already have some blue material from Rain Card, and will be buying some red beads next time I'm near a craft shop :3 Hopefully CrystalNeko will be joining me as Star Date Sheryl! <3

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