Lulu Rose

Asa Shugure (Maid Cafe Uniform) - Shuffle!

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Because, why not?


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Progress Journal

Skirt progress (Posted 30th April 2014)

The skirt at it's current stage. Needs a little more tailoring on the waist, but other than that the skirt is done. I need to make the top and finish the apron though!

The satin stitch edge (Posted 29th April 2014)

Ruffles man...god damned riffles. I keep picking costumes that have copious amounts of ruffles. This time though, this one had blue edging on the my opinion, the edging would have been done with thread, so I did a bunch of tests with zigzag stitch on my machine. I found that with certain settings and careful guiding of the fabric you could create edging with thread without gaps.

There are bits where I messed up a little, so there are tiny gaps but otherwise, I'm really pleased with it.

I have since learned that this technique is called satin stitch! I learned something new with this costume.

This took AGES to do.

Apron and materials (Posted 28th April 2014)

These are from ages ago, only got around to updating journals recently.

There you can see the materials for the skirt and apron and also the actual apron, which isn't done yet.