Sheryl Nome (Poster) - Macross Frontier





I think I've /finally/ decided on a Sheryl costume I can wear for Japan Expo!!! I've worn one every year so far but my Diamond Crevasse cosplay is officially in retirement because I lost a bracelet somewhere in France last year, sobb. I'd rewear Star Date but that costume is so hard to wear at Japan Expo because there's too much walking involved and they're not comfy heels!

So this one 8D
I so badly wanted to do Sayonara no Tsubasa but realistically even if I started now I don't think I can finish it in time because of other commitments and I don't want to go to a JE Sheryl-less ;;______;;

I've seen one of my friends do this version and oh my gosh she looks so gorgeous. I'd have never thought to have cosplayed it otherwise!


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