Kikyo - Inuyasha





To be done with Nomes as Inuyasha and Pandora as Kagome as a Summer shoot, I can't wait! :D

I'll rewear also with another group with Charlotte :)

I'm really pleased to finally cosplay this actually. I originally wanted to make Kikyo as my first ever cosplay because I loved her to pieces but I thought it was far far too hard as a beginner. I'm glad I waited this long because it'd probably end up being one of the many early cosplays I'd eventually end up remaking because I love the character too much to get away with doing a shit job on it, hah! Kouga is my favourite character which I've done before but would like to remake, however Kikyo is by far my favourite female in the series so I'm pretty excited to cosplay her. The series is a bit of a blast from the past to me as well because it was one of the first series I got into when I found out anime was a thing.


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