Shima Sakon - Basara 4

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When I first saw Sakon's design I wanted. to cosplay him. When I got the game I was positive I was doing it. I really wasn't sure about how to make the pattern so I bought a cheap fabric to practice with to try and iron out any problems before I bought some better fabric.


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Progress Journal

16th August 2014

Wig test

I thought I should try the wig on. It's still a bit awkward but putting it on my head shows me a bit easier how to finish it.

29th March 2014


Since time is pressing on I thought I should get on with the trousers. It took me a while to find a dark red to go in the center,but I found some last week. Again I didn't have an actual pattern for this so I made thez by changing a trouser pattern I had. I'm not quite sure if it is gonna work until I sew then up properly. At the minute they look a bit big and I think the dark red bits could have done with being wider, but I'll take that into account when I make them again.

10th March 2014


This has been a nightmare just to get it to this stage. I had to adapt a pattern to make it work but for the most part i was just winging it so the costume ended up being too big. I have had to take it in a few times. I also cut the front pannels slightly too small so I am going to have to make the collar band wider than it should be to compensate for it
The collar looks odd because it is not sewn on yet I just tacked it on for the photo.
alsosorry about any bad spelling in this journal i'm having to use my vita cos my pc broke

10th March 2014


Idon't usually do wig styling, but with this costume I didn,t have much choice. I stitched together two wigs that i bought from the bring a buy last year. I'm not sure how well it wil hold up. It still needs some styling