Franken Stein - Soul Eater




This was the first cosplay I decided to do, and the first one I ever wore. I was up at 3am the night before the con finishing it, and missed the photoshoot on Saturday because I was still finishing my lab coat. It was well worth it though, I got tonnes of compliments on my jumper which meant a lot because I spent a lot of time on that getting it just right. I felt very proud that i'd made it the right colours because i'd never seen anyone do it right before. Wearing it was so much fun, especially when I re-wore it at Alcon that year, we got some really good pictures. The hardest part was definitely the shoes - I suck at shoes. The bolt wasn't too bad although sometimes it slips down and drags my wig off which is annoying, I have to keep a hold of it but that's kind of in-character so I can get away with it.


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