The Eleventh Doctor (Costume 2, Version 1) - Doctor Who


I Chose the 11th Doctor's Second On-screen Costume being i just LOVED the Purple Coat. I chose to go to eBay to search for various components, and the Coat was on offer for about £80 so i ordered it to go, not aware that it was slightly too small for me and a bit restricting in movement. I had the shirt from my previous Eleventh Doctor Costume 1 Cosplay which was about £5. The Bow Tie was a previous spend for Costume 1 aswell, whereas the trousers were simple School trousers that were left over from old school days. The Waistcoat was ordered from China as a Large, and yet it was incredible tight and the pockets were only decorative which made it difficult for the watches in each of them. The Sonic Screwdriver aswell was also a toy that I obtained about 3 years previous.

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