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Kitacon 2015


Intended to be an exercise in armour making, this is mostly trial and error!
First time working with worbla on this scale.

As there is no 100% reference of her outfit and every reference image is different, this will be a mashup of different versions of her classic armour. Mostly based on the current splash art with my interpretation filling in the gaps and altering for ease and practicality.

Siouxsie James posted on 12 July, 2015 - 18:16
This looks so good. Hope I see it irl!!

6th July 2015

More progress

Finally found the vambrace that I made a while ago. Started adding decorative pieces to the border. Will be adding the fastenings to the inside.

6th July 2015

Boots/shin armour progress

The shoes were just an ordinary pair of brown shoes (you can see the unpainted one on the left). I was lucky that I found some in the exact style I wanted. I fashioned a toe plate out of worbla to give it a more rigid, armour-like appearance. I am part way through painting a design onto the toe plate. The shin armour was, again, worbla and foam. I didn't use the sandwich method for the lower piece and so attached the fastenings to the outside of the armour. I then made little decorative pieces to make it look nicer and provide an extra level of security. The top plate bends outward slightly at the knee to allow better ease of movement. The paint job on these is far from finished and I'll hopefully be adding another plate to the side.

6th July 2015

Painting progress

Started on the paintwork. It's not finished yet, but a decent start! All made from worbla and foam. The staff is made from two cardboard tubes (from inside a roll of cling film!) stuck together and filled with expanding foam to make them sturdy. It was then covered in worbla. The details are also worbla. The chest plate was molded over a dress form, which was padded out to my bust size. I will add the jewels to the shoulder parts later. The abdomen piece was again made from worbla and foam. All primed with wood glue and painted with acrylics. This is the unfinished paint jo.

3rd May 2014

More armour

Decided to have a bit of a break with Hathor so drafted a pattern for the pieces that attach the chest armour to the shoulder plates. I then got ambitious and made one. Again, just using worbla and plastazote. Just used a pen lid to press the circular grooves in - the lines need a little tidying. I moulded the gem pieces out of polymorph, I will attach them once everything is painted. It looks freakin' huge in the attached pic, but it's all proportional with the piece it attaches to!

9th March 2014

Chest armour

Again, worbla and plastazote. I should mention that I am basing the armour off that in the artwork - her in-game armour is a little different. This needs some smoothing and finishing.

9th March 2014

Vambraces progress

Started on one of the vambraces - a bit of a trial and error thing and didn't want to potentially waste Worbla by doing them both at the same time. I used the relatively easy cling film and masking tape method on my arm to draw up a pattern, then used thin plastazote for the 'core' and worbla for the exterior (it's much easier to use than wonderflex!). As there is a thicker something lining the vambrace, I am using thicker EVA foam to act as the base, which I will cover using the same (or similar) fabric as the body suit. I am not sure if I will make the body suit or buy one - it depends what works out cheaper. The edges still need a little smoothing, but the shape isn't final yet - I need to wait until I've made the under layer to get the right shape.

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