Mystogan - Fairy Tail




brigade-chief posted on 28 May, 2014 - 22:36
This is just amazing, really well done! :D

Progress Journal

21st May 2014

Nearly there...I think

I would love to say that I'm nearly there. I've made the cone shapes for the trouser things (one yesterday and one today) and bought some bamboo sticks for my staffs.

But... Expo is in just over two days... and I'm nowhere near done...

7th May 2014


I found my piece of cloak...I'd left it on the bus :D I'll be putting it all together tonight!!!!

6th May 2014


On the plus side, my scarf bandana thing arrived! And I've made the pieces for the cloak.

On the negative side...I lost one part at college.


30th April 2014


Bought the navy blue dance catsuit thingy that I'm using as the base, as well as a bottle green scarf for my face!

27th April 2014


Began work on my Mystogan staffs- creating the top parts out of foam and cardboard and I still need to get some poles of some sort.

5th April 2014

Flip flops

Bought myself some flip flops today, the plainest that I could find! This image is of me modelling the few bandages that I have with them! :D

30th March 2014

Bought my wig

Bought a different wig to the original one I was going to get, but I feel that this one is a more accurate colour/length. Plus, it was two or three pounds cheaper than the other one...but it still didn't stop me from spending another £40 on my Eren cosplay... :D

8th March 2014

And so it begins...

I bought some bandages today for my arms and legs...but not nearly enough, so I'll have to get some more... I didn't actually realise how difficult this costume is going to be, but I'm going to power on through and try to make it awesome!