High Inquisitor Whitemane - World of Warcraft


AyaCon 2013

One Con 2013 best costume <3




I chose to make this costume for one main reason
This was one of the first Cosplays I ever made and I wanted to re-do it using all the new skills I have picked up over the years. A long time ago, when I was still at Uni, I bought myself a red leotard and scrappily hashed together a tabard and skirt out of some fabric I had laying about. I wanted to do this costume so much because the look of the character was sexy, raw and empowering. I felt awesome in the costume. Last year I wanted so much to recreate this look, but I wanted to do it properly.
The hardest part of this costume was having to get each bit to sit right on my own body compared to my tailors dummy. I had to have my mum pin bits to me as I tried not to get poked by something sharp.
The easiest part of this costume is just how simple is all goes together and how easily it goes on. I can put most of the outfit on by myself, it's awesome.
Yeah I felt awesome when I wore it. So sassy, so sexy. It was a great feeling and I'm not ashamed of it. I love every second I'm in that costume. I didn't care what people thought, because I knew that I was rocking it. Considering I'm a bit of a shy tom-boy type girl, yeah this felt good.


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