Shintaro Kisaragi - Kagerou Project




Shintaro has a special place in my heart ugh gross NEET boy please be happy... probably buying the jacket online to save money, so really, not much skill is going into this. I hope to get some good photos though!

Will be worn on the Saturday of MCM Expo with Robin as Ene!

Was also worn at Hyper Japan with Tor as Konoha, on the Friday.


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Progress Journal

30th April 2014

Birthday wishes...

Put the completed (?) costume on for his birthday, my first good pictures with the styled wig (thank you for that, Morgan!) and full makeup, which I think I am now satisfied with. I still want to buy some red slippers for him, but it's not a priority, what with Hitori still so incomplete and the rest of Kano's coat to sew.

15th April 2014

Route XX

I was bored one day and I wanted to do more makeup tests, so I threw on a quick alternate version of the character to mess about with. It was good fun and I think I'm getting somewhere with doing up his face...

19th March 2014

Makeup tests & jacket!

my bought jacket arrived, so i decided to do a quick makeup test using an old wig. i then went out and bought a proper shirt for him!