Lelouch Vi Britannia (Wonderland Mad Hatter) - Code Geass


For our Wonderland skit/group.

It's been made mostly out of left over fabrics since we're on a bit of a budget.

The coat is made from black bi-stretch left over from Maka and lined in red satin and navy blue lining that really could be from anything. I have had to order two reals of yellow bias for the edging but that's not so bad.

The waistcoat has been made with yellow klona cotton left over from Estelle and lined with satin that was either for Luna or Uranus.

I didn't have enough chef's check left over from Wonderland Haruhi to make the pants so I had to order that.

The cane is made from 3/4 pieces of a bo-peep costume cane, sprayed green and red ribbon glued on in a spiral. It un-twists in the middle for storage and transport purposes.

I haven't tackled the hat yet. I have a feeling it's going to be a pain.

Edit: In the end the hat came out really well and I love this costume so much. :)

Clockwork Dandy Noodles posted on 1 March, 2014 - 21:22
Lelouch!!! This is looking so epic hehe, I wish I was going Minami now to see this. :D I am doing Cornelia in May.

Carmina posted on 5 March, 2014 - 12:37
Ooh progress is looking very nice, hope I get to see this at the weekend!

Nesproxy posted on 24 April, 2015 - 22:18
This looks amazing! :)

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