Costume :Freakazoid
Source :Freakazoid!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Aya Revolution 2009

Costume Photos

Slap 2

Masq pose


Ass slap

Nipples :D



Costume Information

Cost : £30

Simple design which was oddly complex in it's creation. Chibi attempted to make the arms out of lyrca the same way that the zentai suit arms were made. However without an overlocker it didn't create fruitfull results so a mad dash to find some ball gloves the day before we left :D

The awesome awesome wig was made by the wonderful SephNoir :D

I loved wearing this, was a great laugh despite my skinny build.



by Jeff_Kamiki_Jurai on Saturday, 25 April, 2009 - 17:59
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I don't know who you are, but now I love you.

by Thirteenthesia on Saturday, 25 April, 2009 - 23:13
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YAY! i'm expecting you to be in character ALL day for this one! <3

by Uni on Monday, 18 May, 2009 - 11:08
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by AmethystEyes on Wednesday, 27 May, 2009 - 14:15
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Oh my lord this is awesome.

by 1000014 on Thursday, 4 June, 2009 - 19:23
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Hi. You're made of awesome.

by Mungojerrie on Friday, 12 June, 2009 - 16:59
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WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND LYCRA BODY SUITS?? You're alot more like France then I first assumed...XP

But I do agree with the above comments. :P

by MoonLily on Friday, 12 June, 2009 - 17:03
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Very yes =D

by Kuma on Friday, 12 June, 2009 - 17:45
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@Moonlily there is nothing wrong with this :D I shall have France down to an art~

by Shenny on Friday, 12 June, 2009 - 18:42
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you are the hero for doing this! sooo looking forward to this!

by Kaka Extreme on Friday, 12 June, 2009 - 18:47
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lmao citv goodness thank god for warner bros

by Defrain on Wednesday, 29 July, 2009 - 08:28
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My favourite cosplay at Aya! I love your moves at the masquerade!

by drowned_panda on Monday, 17 August, 2009 - 21:42
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This was so epic. Ace stage performance! I'm really happy you like the wig, I love doing ones like that!

by SephNoir on Monday, 17 August, 2009 - 22:17
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FREAKAZOID! CHIMPANZEE! (Sorry, that's the only part I remember off by heart XD; )

You made me squeal with glee at the Masquerade. That doesn't happen often. XDDD

by Ino on Monday, 17 August, 2009 - 23:16
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simply Amazing

by MangaChild on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 10:26

I totally didnt recognise you!! This was fkin epicccccccc!!!

by on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 12:47
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so figgin' hot.

by Uni on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 19:10
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Do the Freakazoid shuffle! This costume was awesome :D

by Manjou on Tuesday, 18 August, 2009 - 20:20
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This is so much Win! I freakin' love you D: *misses Freakaziod so much*

by Demented Kid on Thursday, 20 August, 2009 - 02:32
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Haha thanks guys. As long as I can make you guys smile it was all worth it. :)

by Shenny on Thursday, 20 August, 2009 - 15:03
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DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! Freak 'a' you Freak 'a' Me!

by Captain_Marvelous on Thursday, 20 August, 2009 - 16:36
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AWESOME!!! You were great. Loved the masq performance.

by Sephirayne on Thursday, 20 August, 2009 - 19:17
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I still couldn't believe I saw Freakazoid in Ayacon. lol XD

by Mangamad on Saturday, 22 August, 2009 - 11:43

Lol OMG, somebody actually cosplayed him. Well done.

by Jojo_nexuz on Friday, 11 September, 2009 - 07:36
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Dude! I had no idea you were the Freakazoid! Freaking amazing costume! :D I did lol watching you in the masquerade! :D

by BlusterSquall on Sunday, 4 July, 2010 - 02:14
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lol It seems that unless I told people about this no one actually knew it was me XD

by Shenny on Sunday, 4 July, 2010 - 23:37
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Haha, so awesome!! :D

by LittlePidgey4 on Friday, 20 May, 2011 - 14:56