Link - The Legend of Zelda


Kitacon 2014


So I've wanted to do a LoZ cosplay for years, but always put off doing one becuase I worry I won't do it justice. Now I've decided I don't care that much and am going to cosplay Link regardless of how badly I do.

It won't be an exact copy of any one version as I'm trying to do this cheaply, but a lot of the details seem to come from the Twilight Princess version.

EvilShadowMaster posted on 26 February, 2014 - 12:59
You're doing a great job! I love it so far!! Good luck on your cosplay, I'd like to see it finished!

Lady Bahamut posted on 23 June, 2014 - 17:27
Really cool Link cosplay! Loving the sword and shield! :D

Alinthia posted on 25 June, 2014 - 19:18
Yay awesome Link! ^_^

26th February 2014

Sword and shield

My partner bought a very basic wooden master sword a few years back, but it broke very quickly, so had been left in the loft. I've now stolen it for my master sword. I've sanded off the painted detailing on the sheath, added new foam detailing that's more accurate to the reference piccies, and have just to shape the blade and repair the handle. The hylian shield is made from EVA foam with craft foam details and fabric handles and will be painted soon.

26th February 2014


As the TP armguards look easier to make than the OoT gloves, I've gone for them. These are made out of craft foam using the iron and shoe polish method to make them look a bit leathery.

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