Belle (Town dress) - Beauty and the Beast





The outfit is 5 pieces which includes hairbow, blouse, bodice, skirt and apron.

The hairbow, bodice and skirt are made from a soft cerulean blue linen blend but can be substituted for a cotton or a satin if need be. The blouse and the apron are made from a lightweight white bleached linen blend for breathability and ease of washing but can also be switched out for a cotton or satin as well though I think the linen looks the best and the most period in my opinion. The apron hem is handstitched for a clean smooth look. The bodice is boned for structure and support, you won;t need a corset underneath it will give you the right shaping needed! This outfit also doubles as Faire garb for the Renaissance Festivals or Faires and the linen blend is a great choice for breathability and durability.