Belle (The Crocodile) - Once upon a Time


Kitacon 2014


*This costume is now retired*

"You don't need power, Rumple. You need courage... to let me in."

I have two costumes planned for Belle's Enchanted Forest persona so why not one for her Storybrooke counterpart also?
I needed a new dress to wear to a friend's wedding and considered getting a lace one when I had the idea to get a double use out of it and get one similar to what Belle wore in the season 2 episode "The Crocodile".


~Please see my journals for more details on the construction of this costume as well as progress photos~

The dress was bought on ebay.

I dyed the shoes and changed the buckles.

The belt was bought on ebay and I painted the buckle.

The wig was reused from my other OUAT Belle cosplay.


Wore this for a few hours at KitaCon Invasion (2014) and had some photos taken by Bento Dan. I had quite a few compliments on how the dress suited me but man did those heels hurt! They are so high! I hope to do a shoot in a library at some point.

Whilst making this costume I used suede dye for the first time and was quite pleased with the results.

Frederica la Noir posted on 28 February, 2014 - 23:46
Wow! That dress looks so close to the armani one :), and looks fabulous on! X

Moonchild posted on 23 April, 2014 - 21:49
Spot on! You looked really pretty <3 love the dress!!

sjbonnar posted on 26 April, 2014 - 02:20
Absolutely gorgeous

Angelus suede dye in Burgundy
Blue Sweetheart lace dress by Alice & You at Dorothy Perkins
Oasis brown leather skinny belt
W7 nail polish in Roast Chestnut
Red Pilot "Heidi" open toe, T-bar heels
Silver shoe buckles

Total cost: £0.00

25th March 2014


The buckle was painted with silver metal paint as it was originally gold.

24th March 2014

Finished shoes

I changed the buckle for a more accurate one.

23rd March 2014

Shoe modifications

The shoes were dyed burgundy using Angelus suede dye. The stitching didn't change colour but I'm pleased with how easy and effective it was.

23rd March 2014


It was a pain to find a suitable mahogany brown nail varnish. But little details count and all that jazz.

17th March 2014

Shoes ordered

I really struggled to find heels similar to the Gucci Betty ones that Belle wears in the show. These were one of the closest pairs despite having the open sides, chunkier heel and being red. I want to try to make them more burgundy but that might be difficult as they are made from a suede type material.

28th February 2014


It fits hurrah! Although if I loose weight it might get a bit baggy around the middle, something the belt will help with I hope. The belt I got with it was black not brown so I shall have to buy a replacement. Loving the dress though.

24th February 2014

Dress ordered

The exact dress worn in the show is made by Armani Exchange so even if it was still available (which it isn't) there's no way I could afford it! There's quite a few websites that research the outfits of the cast and the dress I ended up buying is one of their alternative recommendations. It's made by one of the clothing lines in Dorothy Perkins and I managed to find just one listing on ebay for it which was luckily my size! According to the website this line comes up small so I've ordered a size up and I'm hoping it'll fit ok when it arrives.

1st February 2014

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Reference photos

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