Kanaria - Rozen Maiden

Status :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2009




Kanaria and Kiseki (Shugo Chara)






This was a difficult cosplay. I used a pattern to work on the shirt to ensure that it was a good fit. The 3/4 quarters were made in a similar method to my previous Rozen Maiden Outfits. The jacket was more difficult. Once I had all the pieces cut out was that difficult.

I couldn't find the right shoes for Kanaria, so I used the same shoes I wore for Shinku's cosplay. The wig, well, that didn't turn out very well. It was the first time I had curled a straight wig. Overall, it worked which I was happy about.


nanahara posted on 10 June, 2009 - 22:35
dawww so kawaii ^^

Littlerascal92 posted on 16 June, 2009 - 10:22
Wahh, you made this so well ! x

Progress Journal

Almost there now... (Posted 6th May 2009)

Well, the jacket is almost done, just need to sew some bits to it, it's all pinned up ready for sewing.

Working on the accessories, proving a little difficult but i'm enjoying the challenge of it. I hope to aim to have both the accessories done by end of this weekend.

Wig is annoying me, it's all in curlers, i've used hairspray before rolling and lots of heat. Still not curly. So i will be spending each day blasting the wig with heat. Will have to see how it goes. I hope it'll be ok...

27-04-2009 (Posted 27th April 2009)

Well, i'm happy!!!

The trousers are complete. The top is complete. And the jacket is almost finished. 4 weeks ahead of schedule, well that's just the outfit.

I still have to do the accessories/props to do. Which I think will be the hardest. OMG. despite everything, i'm doing really well. Normally, I never finish making cosplays until a week before the Expo.

Update 24-04-2009 (Posted 24th April 2009)

So far, I have completed the top with the exception of the buttons. I'm impressed how this has turned out.

Trousers - half completed - still need to work out if they look alright.

Jacket - not even half way but getting there I think.

Accessories - still need to get some more fabric and some more bits and bobs to complete the cosplay.