Azuki Azusa (Azuki in her school uniform/sailor fuku!) - The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat


Azuki has long. blonde, wavy hair with a full fringe and a white headband occupying a white bow with a gold broach attached in the center of the bow. Her uniform is made up of a white, short sleeved shirt with a rounded, sailor style collar. Her necktie is a piece of red ribbon. The skirt falls halfway down her thigh and has a pink and black plaid pattern. She also wears knee-high black socks and black shoes.

Part of my decision to make the costume was the fact that I'd always wanted to wear a sailor fuku and I thought it would be a great place to start with when it comes to cosplay as it's not too complicated. I also loved Henneko as an anime so I kinda put two and two together and decided Azuki was the one for me!

I'm expecting to spend about £50-£60 whilst working on this costume on both the costume and the wig and have already pretty much sussed everything out. Now I just need to get making it!

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