Chell - Portal 2


Masquerade Competition: Judge's Award @ Florida Supercon 4th July 2014


I've debated cosplaying Chell for a long time now - but even though Chell is pretty recognisable by herself, I always find cosplaying in groups to be preferable and a lot more fun. So when one of my friends, who adores Portal, said he wanted to be Wheatley, I finally had an excuse to be Chell!

The first thing I made were the vest tops - the blue one was recycled from the shirt that I made years ago for my Scout cosplay. The white one was made from a few pieces of viscose jersey that I had in my fabric stash, and I also made the wrist bandage from the same fabric.

I made the leggings from grey cotton jersey; when I bought the fabric the description said that it was a four-way stretch, but when it arrived it was actually a two-way stretch. As I didn't really have the time to spare I went ahead and made the leggings from them anyway. If I wear this cosplay again I might go back and change these to a different fabric.

I bought the orange jumpsuit from eBay purely because I dislike making them, and with three other costumes to finish for the same deadline I was a little pressed for time. I chopped it up and took it in where appropriate, and also added some off-white stripes to the sleeves, then my friend dirtied it up for me using paint and food colouring. If I had been cosplaying alone I probably would have left the jumpsuit alone, but we both felt that leaving it pristine would look odd next to his battered and damaged Wheatley - so we put some thought into what areas of the jumpsuit would be grubby and I let him go to town!

The wig was one that I bought from eBay and cut bangs into. It's a little messy and probably not the best job I could have done, but as Chell looks unkempt anyway, I figured it didn't matter too much. I actually liked it when I put it on my head!

The boots started life as a pair of black heel-less shoes, and I made boot covers out of white and black PVC that I glued onto them. They fasten with zips at the back of my legs, and the straps across the front are elastic for easy wearing. My friend took charge of the springs on the backs of the boots - using the power of illusion the springs are attached to the base of the boots in a near-invisible way, then they fasten to the backs of my calves using several poppers.

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