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8th March 2014

Corset and Belt Done!

Finishing all work in pleather first, so now just have to make the Rose attachment for her belt and add the bullets. Petticoat came so now the bottom of my costume is pretty much finished!

6th March 2014

Corset Making and Patterning

Corset almost done - just need to make the other side of the eyelet attachment and thread it! Patterns all made and ready now too - just now need to cut out the fabric and begin to sew!

28th February 2014

Time to Finish the Boots

Going to paint the soles and attach the belts tonight. And get started on the corset hopefully!

21st February 2014

Getting there on the spending (phew!)

Have now bought all the items I needed from the internet, so have done most of the heavy spending! All I need to do now is finish patterning out the costume (so I can estimate how much material I'll need) and buy said material. After that it's all sewing and wig-styling!

19th February 2014

Shoes Bought and Laced

Have bought the shoes and relaced them with red laces. Need to paint the soles red and somehow attach the belts (which have not arrived yet) to them.

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