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Kaname Chidori is a feisty character but she also has a sweet side and honestly just wants to know why she's marked as a one of the potential 'whispered' someone to capture by terrorists! She builds a friendship with Sousuke Sagara who is sent to protect her, a Sargent, who defiantly acts like one 24/7 it seems. This frustrates Kaname as misunderstandings arise throughout the anime when all she really wants deep down is to get to know him and in turn for him to notice her.... There is also a fun point when Tessa (Sousuke's captain) says she will be Kaname's love rival as she seems to like him too!

Going into anymore of Full Metal Panic will spoil things - so just watch it xD if you like mechs and a bit of school drama you'll love it.

Wearing dress and swim wear for June!

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30th October 2014


So thought I would add some info! This is wear my Kaname costumes will go, so the beach wear I have already done this year, I am now looking at the uniform and how to put it all together!

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