Sakura (Akatsuki) - Naruto


Kitacon 2009




This is my Version of what i thought Sakura might wear if she was in the Akatsuki.
I didn't want to do the standed coat due to it being long and me being kinda short it would make me look bigger then i am. So instead i went for a cloak version.

The cloak on the whole didn't take long to do once we worked out the sizing of it. But the red clouds took a while to sew on.
There are eight clouds on the cloak each had been drawn and cut out and appliqued onto the skirt. i didn't think they came out that bad to say it was my first time sewing anything like it.

Under neith the cloak i have a plain black skirt and a black t-shirt that i brought and sewn on a cloud in the middle of it.

I had some left over fabric once i finished, so i made a bag that also has the cloud on, Every ninja needs somthing to carry there stuff in when out on missions lol.


InfiniteJester posted on 4 October, 2010 - 18:57
sakuraaa!! hey i remember ya from the meet on sunday! i was the belphegor :)

SakuraKatieChan posted on 4 October, 2010 - 19:28
I remember you too ^_^ I'm not too sure on the character you where cosplaying since i havn't seen the anime it was from but it was great anyway. Hope to see you at the next event and lets hope the weather is better XD.