Morrigan (Orlasian costume) - Dragon Age Inquisition


Ballgown made from various materials
the red parts are made from custom dyed silk charmeuse, the green parts are custom dyed cotton velvet. the corset is synthetic leather hand embellished with nearly 1000 studs, lace hoops, cord and Venetian lace. There is also lace and cord on the silk bodice. silver fly charms embellish the skirt. The brooch is made from worbla. The collar made of leather , made by XenaJo. the pendant is made from fimo. Gloves are made from stretch leatherettes.
the underskirts have changed as i've developed the wearing of this costume. now i have an elliptical hoop underskirt that stays flat at the front.

i plan to modify this costume to match the Heroes of Dragon Age version with gold ruffled sleeves and a butterfly design collar.

Sephirayne posted on 29 July, 2014 - 01:10
Love the progress and this looked so amazing in person. You looked so stunning.

Metamorphica Cosplay posted on 29 July, 2014 - 02:02
Thankyou hun!!! <3

22nd July 2014

test wear of costume

Wore this at LFCC and as first wear went very well, though i now see the things i need to alter Sleeves to loose, need tightening Skirt needs stronger underpinnings - so will need panniers and bustle as front is flat so crinoline is no good. Corset needs shortening and different lace hooks place. Rest of studs need applying. New brooch needs to be made!

22nd July 2014

gold scale maile

How i did the gold center panel.

22nd July 2014

backdated progress

Dress with dyed silk and dyed green velvet.

22nd July 2014

backdated progress

sleeve sewn up with gold bead detail

22nd July 2014

back dated progress

patterning out the gown.

28th April 2014

I found it!

Finally found the fabric i need. I found a silk fabric via Etsy that has a great pattern that will work really well. Ive included a pic of the fabric in the colour it will be. Sadly the seller didnt have enough in this colour, but had it in a lighter shade which i can dye.

29th March 2014

damn that bodice fabric

Still searching for suitable bodice fabric...so far cant find anything that even comes close to the colour and pattern.. tried one area of London ( Goldhawk rd) Cardiff shops and also a great shop in Swansea (Lee Mill) Had a friend look in Birmingham for me with no luck. Still have Brighton and other places in London to look (Central london and also Rems and Rolls in Holloway)Sadly did find AWESOME fabric online on Etsy but lady selling it had not enough i needed and no knowledge of the fabric makers.

29th March 2014


Ive made the brooch from some left over wonderflex i had. So far it's primed ready for painting

29th March 2014

feathers and findings

Found some really cute bug findings that will be perfect to add to the skirt. I also got some cockerel feathers for the brooch and gunmetal studs for the corset.

13th February 2014

Fabric shopping ahoy!

Off to London this weekend to see if i can find suitable fabrics for this. Mainly looking for the patterned silk (or non silk which will be cheaper) and velvet.

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