Batman - Own design

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Kitacon 2014


As I've been a batman fan since I can remember this has always been on my list to do but I didn't want to try it untill I thought my skills were to a point were I felt confident in doing a good job.

My design is based on the animated series but with a twist of the arkham series, I spent a lot of time designing and making sure it would all go together right ( not look bulky in areas that wouldn't suit it/look abnormal)

Hopefully to go with my partners wonderwoman

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 12 February, 2014 - 02:10
I'm really looking forward to seeing this :D I love the pics you've been putting up on Facebook as well the progress is really looking good :D

lycaneyes posted on 14 February, 2014 - 14:11
Thanks :) I am trying to get this as good as possible I have more progress but not had time the post it yet

18th February 2014


As you can see they started off as white moto-cross boots after cutting away and sanding the logos off with the dremmel I then filled the 'eye' parts on the front of the boots then again sanded them down. Paint wise they took 8 coats of paint (2 black primer 4 black acyclic and 2 waterproofing paint)

18th February 2014


Ended up going for a arkham style gauntlet because they fit will with the boots i got for the outfit. I started off making templates (alot of templates) then cutting the shapes out using 5mm and 3mm eva foam then I cleaned away the rough edges and glued the base parts together. next up I sanded away the overlaping parts and added straps followed by adding another layer the sides then glued it altogether paint wise I used primer and a black acrylic paint 3 layers primer 3 black layers and heres the finished item, I might add a laytex layer for a smoother look at some point

11th February 2014


I opted for the dark knight style belt but I didn't want to just keep it as it was so I added some pouches which I found some metal containers that were perfect then resin glued to big magnets the the back of the belt on one side to hold the batarangs, then gave it complete repaint in black then again in teal also (not in this photo) I added a covertech belt clip and the attachment to my grapple gun so I can attach it and grab it with ease

11th February 2014


Got a few of these made, A friend who does resin moulding showed me how to make a few and I had ago myself after I got some home I drilled a hole in the middle and added 2 little magic magnets so they can click together and also stick to the belt for a quick detach then applied a few coats of matt black paint the finish the look off

11th February 2014

Cape cowl and the dreaded bat crotch

Started designing this a few months back with the help of my talented partner and her artistic skill, we put together a concept picture of what I wanted the suit to look like and she got it down to the exact detail. I started doing research into all of the batsuits over the years and felt that the classic grey suit with the black logo would be my base, then went into armour /padding etc The cape was the easy part to do research for and getting the fabric was even easyer. The cowl I've gone for the dark knight (Nolan) style cowl but will be adding my own twist to it. As said ...the bat crotch the thing that can make or break the costume I want to go for the traditional look but I may again add something different to this part as I am working with Lycra and yeaah you can see where this is going. Hopefully will have it fully done by Kita if not may McM

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