Vergil (Genderbent) - DMC


Kitacon 2014


Making Vergil for me and Dante for my bestie Rose.
We finished playing the game together and were in LOVE

It was gorgeous, from story to art design to gameplay. Everything was amazing.
Most fun I;ve had playing a game in a while as well.
Had to be done

We are keeping the designs very true to the characters. Vergil will be classy as all hell and Dante a scruffy mess XD

Zelvyne posted on 7 April, 2014 - 13:38
You both looked so great at kita :) I absolutely love the Vergil coat

yuubalu posted on 9 July, 2014 - 22:38
This is awesome. You really embody him (her? xD) well!

7th April 2014


design painted on!

21st March 2014

Dantes coat

I also made my best friends coat who will be Dante with me We bought a size 16 long leather coat and took it apart completely. Made it fit her tiny size 6 self, relined it with red cotton and red sheepskin added the hood collar and red leather designs to the sleeves! I'm super happy with it considering its the first time sewing proper leather with my shitty home machine that reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealllly struggled bless it xD

21st March 2014


Coat nearly done! Just needs hemming. Made from a paisley printed black silk lined with the same blue on the quilted lining and also with a heavy canvas layer for weight! Probably one of the most complicated pieces of sewing I've done as I've never made a coat before and made this pattern for this one from scratch. Design also needs to be painted on and later when I have more time embrioded

28th February 2014


Vergil coat tail! Its currently 3 layers: lining, wadding and canvas. I'm going to sew the quilting pattern in then add the outer layer. I made it a (kind of) half (more like 1/3) circle skirt for more flow and flare! Instead of thee random rectangle he has just hanging xD

10th February 2014


This is basically my under layer. Still to make the fabulous jacket. I finally found the perfect fabric so just waiting on it. You can see the only thing I've changed is traded his pinstripe nacy trousers for a pinstripe pencil skirt. :) Baby blue leather gloves were such a lucky ebay find XD

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