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Kitacon 2015


I love this game so much. ;_; I've not even finished yet but I know this is happening. I went into this game with the intent of finding out more about Ringabel, but I fell in love with Edea instead. :x (Don't get me wrong, still ADORE Ringabel.)

I'm going for freelancer/default (hur) version first but I want to do lots more versions, hopefully with a group! (PERFORMER PLEASE.)

For Kitacon 2015

ArcaneArchery posted on 25 July, 2015 - 19:37
Judging by the progress photos the finished costume will be awesome

Moonchild posted on 14 August, 2015 - 15:11
This looked amazing <3 can't wait to see it person!

26th July 2015


These started off life as knee high leather boots. I removed buckles and little details then added the back and front...flaps? The front ones are double interfaced to make sure they stay upright. In the references Edea has sections cut out of her boots at the side, but to be frank I was worried that the boots wouldn't hold the front bit up if I did that...so instead I sewed white fabric pieces (shhh! Don't tell anyone!) and i'm actually surprised how convincing it looks. xD The armour is craft foam and worbla again just like the skirt pieces, and is attached with velcro for easy assembly. ;)

25th July 2015


Not a great photo but tbh I'm in a bit of a rush trying to finish this for the con! ^^; I've adjusted the skirt panels since taking this photo. All Edea cosplayers seem to interpret her costume very differently, which is really interesting! But i've not actually seen anyone do it this way before so I was a tad worried about it, but i'm happy how it turned out! The armour is craft foam covered in worbla, smoothed, spray painted and covered in modge podge. The skirt has steel boning around the edge to keep the shape and I guess isn't really a skirt because it's attached to the top! All the armour pieces are connected with a bajillion poppers so then I can easily wash the costume if need be!

19th July 2015


Such a strange design! None of her clothes make sense at all! Luckily I managed to modify a pair of elbow length leather gloves because I haaate sewing gloves! The white cuff parts were heavily interfaced to make them stand up, and then lined. I'm making this costume in a bit of a rush but because of the design i'm having to line everything so it's actually turning out pretty neat. xD

18th July 2015

Main body piece

This was hell to make and took way longer than planned. x.x It looks much better on me as it's fitted to my shape (boobs and hips holla) but you get the general idea. Everyone who cosplays Edea makes the costume completely differently. I've never seen such variation! I liked the Edea's who made her shirt look like armour but...unfortunately up close references in the FMV sort of prove it's fabric. >_> So I decided to go with a suede which I lined and interfaced to add extra structure. This sort of sewing is not my forte, I prefer adding lace and bling and details but this involved a lot of specific patterning and MATHS. OH GOD MATHS. So although it's not perfect i'm pretty darn proud of me. (At one point it got flung across the room :P)

18th July 2015


Made from a cheap shop bought sword which I then blinged up with ribbon and tassles and worbla. :3

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