Gokudera Hayato (bloody school uniform) - Katekyo Hitman REBORN!



I swear to god this is the last Gokudera cosplay I'll do!! I never planned to do this, but I was talking to Hitachiin about how I really wanted to mess around with fake blood and special effects and we came to the conclusion that Reborn! would work best (as we could easily buy the things we needed out of Primark without dropping a bomb on time and money for a 2 hour photoshoot).

We stayed up late on Monday night doing test-run make-up and making latex wounds, when we suddenly realised it was 3am and we were getting up at 6 for the shoot, so we basically just slept in costume (for that authentic roughed up battle look... haha), then touched up our make-up slightly in the morning once our Tsuna arrived. Then we ran outside and splattered each other with fake blood (which involved, "Shit! There's toddlers coming! Turn around! Hide!! Don't let them see you!!!"), tore and burned our costumes up (using Hijikata's mayo lighter, of course).

Then we ran down to the sea at about 8AM on JANUARY 6TH in FREEZING COLD TEMPERATURES in t-shirts and... seriously, what the fuck were we thinking?! I don't think I've ever been any colder in my life. I don't know how we managed to stay still enough to hold the camera or pose... what the hell, seriously.

Anyway, the shoot was really fun, and we got some cool shots so it was worth it! If only it had been a bit warmer we would have gotten more photos, but unfortunately the cold sent us running indoors early.

Emzone posted on 1 September, 2010 - 02:13
I love these kind of shoots *w* You've burned/torn/blooded and shredded all the right places 8D it looks perfect!XD