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I must admit, it took a long time for Agnes to grow on me, but I adore her now! I'm doing her default (hurr hurr) clothes for Kita, but no doubt I'll do her Vestal Garb and asterix outfits in the future.

Hopefully to be worn with Moonlily as Edea Lee! Gonna try to round up a Tiz and a Ringabel too

Kitacon 2015: This is NOT a summer cosplay! I was so uncomfortably warm all day, but otherwise I'm really chuffed with how this cosplay looks!

London MCM October 2015: part of a huge BD gathering! (not huge by gathering standards but huge in terms of HOLY MOSES OTHER PEOPLE HAVE PLAYED AND COSPLAYED THIS GAME)

MoonLily posted on 31 January, 2014 - 23:07
Oh yay! You're going to look so pretty! *_* I can't wait! (I'm also working on the boys, tee hee xp)

TheStarlightFairy posted on 31 January, 2014 - 23:26
Thank you <3 I think I can convince James to be Tiz!

InfiniteJester posted on 1 February, 2014 - 10:02
Ah yesss, this would be awesome to see - i've yet to play more of the game than just the demo but really liked what i've seen so far!

Devil_Trigger posted on 1 February, 2014 - 13:31
Lmao well ya already asked me if I wanna be Tiz xD

TheStarlightFairy posted on 2 February, 2014 - 01:01
@infinitejester - you must play more! It's so good! @devil-trigger - I knowwww but you weren't sure at that point c:

Littlegeeky posted on 20 August, 2015 - 22:17
I love this cosplay! You look so beautiful and it's so well made <3


Total cost: £0.00

20th July 2015


I'm getting there! The gloves are stretch suede, with bodycon lining the arms so they have some support. There's a random seam across her hand on some of the references, which was a pain to sew! The dress is yet another half circle dress made from double knit jersey with suede and faux fur detail. The sleeves are charcoal jersey, and I made them using two patterns. The top half is super poofy, but the bottom half is fitted, and hooks over my thumb, so the gloves go over the top easily. It's been taken in since this photo, but like heck am I taking another one My house is so fluffy because of the fur ;_; why did I choose to sew/wear this in July!

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