James Kidd/Mary Read
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Cosplayer: Member-XI

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

4th April 2014: Getting wiggy with it! Got my wig today from Ebay and holy crap that was fast shipping! I ordered it last Friday from a Chinese company and it said it'd get here 30th April,well it arrived today and is perfect. It's lace front so it looks more natural and it's the same colour as my hair, just longer. It's not in her exact style, and needs beads adding but I love it. :D

1st April 2014: Collar and cuffs added Okay, so I worked like a crazy lady on my costume today and got the collar and cuffs totally finished and added to the coat. Next is the lining for the coat and then adding the leather. The end of the cuffs will be sewn in with the lining, hiding any messy edges that can be see on the pic.

I have really enjoyed making the coat, it's been a learning curve because I have had to alter the pattern so drastically to make it work, but I think it's come out really well. I'm not normally quite so positive with my costumes, but I think this one is doing quite well. I think pressing each bit and all the seams as I go has made a HUGE difference to the overall look of the coat. Normally if I can get away with it, I wont press a seam, but I've done it to every single seam and edge on this coat and I think it looks great for it.

Waist coat is also done now as well, I lined it in the same fabric as the outer fabric as it's satin and it'll be nice and cool that way. Just need to add the trimming to it. I'm unsure if I want to embroider it myself or use a ready made border. I think it'll depend on time constraints.

Please excuse the messy chair...I perch on it with my converse on D: I have ruined it as a result. :P

11th March 2014: Collar and coat Well, I got home from work at about 3:30 today and finished the rest of the coat. I added the sleeves to it and edited the pattern which wasn't as bad as I expected. This cotton twill is amazing to work with!

I've had to alter the pattern quite a bit for Mary and to be honest, I could have done it from a regular coat pattern, I just thought a pirate coat might have suited more and given me an advantage in making it, but compared to a frock coat/pirate coat, Mary's coat is very straight and doesn't have any of the large amounts of fabric that a frock coat does so in comparison, hers is quite simple. The collar is not on yet, and the cuffs need adding, as well as all the leather detail, which shall all be done last once the main body of the coat is done.

I'm loving working with my step mum's Bernina. Normally I use a shitty one that doesn't do the job properly but this machine is AWESOME! So much fun to use and it makes sewing a breeze.

Please excuse the messy dining room, it gets turned into the sewing room when I use it and the tool and bench saw room when my dad uses it! XD

So far I think the hardest thing with this costume was sourcing the fabric, and pressing all the damn seams. I like cutting into them a little to help them lay flatter as I think it gives a really lovely result and you get a really great, flat seam, it's just a pain in the bum! In fact it's probably the most time consuming part! D:

11th March 2014: Collar and coat The collar I had to make from scratch as the pattern had no collar, but it's a straight forward polo shirt collar really with some minor modifications, like the size. XD

I basically made a sammich of the brocade between two layers of twill then turned it the right way in to get it to sit right and hide the seams. It'll be finished off then added to the coat along with the cuffs once I make them. All in all It's been a productive 4 hours today! ^_^ I find that I can work pretty quickly if I have a dead line and know exactly what I'm doing, so this has come together very very quickly, which is good, since I am at work a lot so I don't have loads of time to get stuff done, more so since I work most weekends too.

I think the most difficult part with the collar was deciding on how I wanted it to look, since different screen shots show it sitting differently or in a totally different shape. The joys of video games. They defy logic. T_T

The fabric for the collar was something I struggled with for a long time. That hint of blue/green in her collar was something I noticed right away and wanted something to replicate that or look similar. I originally was going to go with a french brocade in Scarlett and green, but at £45 for 1 meter I decided to look elsewhere, as I just couldn't justify it to myself, not with bills to pay!

After loads and loads of hunting online, I managed to find a meter of indian brocade for £9.50 including postage from Mumbai and it got to me in a day! So that's what I've gone with. It's a two tone fabric which looks gorgeous is sunlight. It might be a touch too clean, but some weathering to the coat will change that. I think I'll probably use some Ben Nye ash powder on it, just to dull the shine of the silk a little.

10th March 2014: Sleeves The sleeves are complete...almost. They are very wide when using the original pattern, so I'm going to make them a little smaller and also remove the blatant curve in them, which gives too much elbow room for me!

10th March 2014: Brocade The fabric for my collar and cuffs just turned up and it's SO beautiful. X_X It's an indian silk brocade and it was ridiculously cheap at just £8.00 for a meter. I hunted high and low for a fabric which would look similar to the brocade on Mary's coat, since I don't think it's just plain, if you look close enough it has hints of blue/green to it, so I think this is a nice compromise, as it looks two toned.

9th March 2014: Sewing begins! Right, so today, seeing as I finally had a Sunday off work, I set about cutting out the pattern and cutting out the beginning of the coat. The pattern I'm using is Simplicity 4923, as it has everything I need to make Mary's costume. I'm having to edit the pattern as I go, like taking the side panels out, adding a collar and so on, but so far it's pretty easy. The fabric I ended up buying is perfect for it, and I am so damn glad I snapped up the rest of the bolt before someone else got it. The fabric I ended up dying has gone a bit patchy so I'm using it as the lining instead to give the coat some weight.

3rd March 2014: Dying fabric I love dying fabric. X_X I like when bits of stray powder go in the bath tub and make rainbow patterns. :D So this will either be the lining of the coat or the outer coat fabric, it depends on what it turns out like. I do have another fabric coming that is a touch lighter so I'll have to compare one this is dry.

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jaks-kingdom-dwarf - 18th March 2014
You will make an awesome Mary :D

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Member-XI - 30th March 2014
Thank ye fellow salty sea lass! :D

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BladeyCakes - 1st April 2014
I cant wait to see this *w* favourite character from AC4!

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InfiniteJester - 18th June 2014
Looks great!