Kallen Koizuki (Wonderland March Hare) - Code Geass


Last year when Ellen and I did Mulan and the Matchmaker respectively at Minamicon (that's a lot of Ms) we got Lelouch and Nunally figurines from the Wonderland Picture Drama as prizes. We thought they were absolutely adorable and decided to cosplay them and then we refined the plan to cosplaying them at the next Minamicon.

I've bought a shirt, tie, cardigan, socks and beret. Made the ears and the skirt. The carrot and rabbit patches were done in sticky back felt coloured in with sharpie markers.

I didn't add the black outline to the cardigan for two reasons. One because I didn't really want to wreck my cardigan and two because I felt it clashed in a way with lelouch's waistcoat. The jury is still out really, I might add some.

Ellena as Lelouch as the Mad Hatter
Ellen as Nunally as Alice
Vanessa as CC as the Cheshire Cat
Charlie as Kallen as the March Hare
Bexi as Anya as the White Rabbit

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