Ayla - Awesomenauts


Kitacon 2015




I fell in love with her as a character, and she's so much fun to play as, go Ayla!

So was considering which variant to go with. As much as I love her teddy outfit, I'm was deciding on either default or shaolin. Shaolin I thought would be the better one at first, but the I thought, look at her! She's a little on the chubby side. I thought this could be the cosplay to give me a little more confidence in myself. Paint my thighs green and lets go for it! :D

....Or maybe green leggins would do the same job '-.-

Yeah, I'm going for default :/

Kitacon update: Wearing this costume was my highlight of the convention. I loved it an so did Ashley Burch (voice actor of Ayla), which is great. Even had some people taking photo's of me who didn't know who I was just because they liked the look of it which is nice.


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Progress Journal

22nd May 2015

Halfway there with no effort at all

Looking through all the bits I already have finished for this, I realised I'm already over halfway there. At the start of this costume, I made a list of things I'll need. This read:
-Red coat
-Yellow leotard
-Pointed ears
-Third eye
-Green face/body paint, light and dark
-red boots/boot covers
-neckbrace and cuffs
-green leggins/tights

Just bringing in things slowly, I can now cross things off already. I've done the coat, leotard, tights, ears, boots and that's already looking great. I've ordered the wig, when that arrives it'll obviously need styling, and I still need to order the third eye. The only thing I've really got to make now is the neckbrace and cuffs, but I just got the fabric for that today, and if I get the time, that will all be sorted within the week :D