Matt (Mail Jeevas)
Death Note

Cosplayer: beefnoi

Variant: Anime

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd October 2014: Jacket Well the major part of this costume was obviously making the jacket but I finally got there and I have to say I'm really happy with how it came out.

The picture isn't great. The actual materials I used are lighter than this.

21st October 2014: Yay finished my trousers Well I've finished my trousers. They look really good on apart from the fact that they are a lot shorter than when I bought them lol. Not that anyone will notice when I have my boots on.

One tip I have is that I stitched down each of the ridges on the inside seam and the outside seam of the trousers as they stuck out a bit when wearing them. This just made it look much tidier afterwards.

Please buy trousers that are too long for you. Even though no-one could tell that mine turned into ankle swingers I do really wish they were full length and would definitely get trousers that are too long for me in the future to alter if I did these again.

It really makes me laugh when I look at how short they are >_<

18th October 2014: Trousers I also started working on my trousers today and adding in the ridge pattern he has going down them. Now the tutorial I used specified to get trousers that are several inches too long for you but as I wanted a cheap pair and was running out of time before the convention I ended up just buying regular length ones instead. This does mean that they have now turned into ankle swingers because of the adjusting but I don't really care as I'm wearing boots with them and they cover that up.

Here's the tutorial I used if anyone is planning on making some Matt trousers too.

18th October 2014: About half way there. Well I'm slowly making progress on the jacket. Adding the fur is the worst part but I knew it wasn't going to be easy when I chose to cosplay him so I cant complain.

Just got some more strips of fur to add and to tidy up the fur around the arm holes, then to add the zip and then the lining. I'm dreading doing the collar and making it stand up right >_<

12th October 2014: Finally making a start on my jacket Wow I haven't posted about this cosplay for ages. Goes to show that I am one of those people who tends to leave actually making my cosplays to the last minute before a convention.

Got all my materials for Matt's jacket now just to make the damn thing >_<

26th March 2014: Shit so far Ok so here's a list of stuff I have so far and where I got them for any one who is having trouble. I know I did.

Gloves: ebay (they go over my elbows but I just fold them inside to desired length)

Wig: (

Top: Actually got mine from amazon but its cheaper here on their website (

Goggles: (

Gameboy: Already had it. Thought this was better to use than my newer 3DS because its closer to the time period.

24th March 2014: My Wig :D Got my wig today and I love it. I got it from Coscraft for £16.50. Next up is styling it but because I'm not actually wearing my Matt cosplay till October I wont do any of that till closer to the time. Only got the wig whilst it was back in stock from being out of stock for a few months.

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ManiacCos - 26th March 2014
Ahh, This is gonna be great :'D