Waka - Okami


Lots of room for minimalist embellishments with this one as the image works from the artbook provide scope for it. So am going to take a little time with this and perhaps have a little fun with embroidery and a little dying.
What I am sure of is that i'm going to use a little bit of brocade for his red haori to provide a little depth up top and some textured fabric (dupion or upholstry) to give a little more weight to the outfit hakama wise

The getta... yeah I'm going with sandals as i'll be boned to try and get or make single bar getta!

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8th February 2014

Pom Poms!!!

So I've started on Waka with the little bits. First and foremost are the Pom Poms on his chest. Never made them before and though its a simple thing it proved a nightmare at the start. Got there in the end! All that needs doing now is fluffing them up so they look a little more traditional ie furry instead of wooly. So some teasing with a fine toothed comb and shaping to make them a little smaller and all should be good!

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