Glynda Goodwitch - RWBY


I can't believe I haven't seen a Glynda cosplay yet? She's like, awesome :D With the simplicity of this costume, I'll likely buy and modify parts of clothing rather than make it all from scratch. I've had this planned pretty much since RWBY first aired. Season 5 airs this month and I'm FINALLY getting her done for the very first RTX London. I'm so pleased!

Worn at:
RTX London 2017

- The cape! Made of Purple and Black cottons, cutting the frayed patterns at the hem was a tricky nightmare! I'd cut some a bit skinny so when it came to turning it out it took forever! I also painted the insignia in gold fabric paint which was way neater than I'd expected.

- The shirt was a good ol' eBay job that I added a 'window' to, as well as changing a couple of buttons and adding the Green Gemstone below the collar. I also changed the sleeves with large interfaced cuffs and added a little bit of lace to them. There's velcro on the shoulders to hold the cape in place, too.
- The skirt was actually a bodycon dress! I cut it just under the bust to make Glynda's high waisted skirt. I did it this way because the now-skirt is almost entirely elastic, so it fits nicely and I wasn't sure I could do that from scratch! I also added gold buttons, and lace around the bottom hem.
- The wig is actually a ponytail wig with the pony twisted into a small bun!

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12th October 2017

The Cape Part 2 and Finishing Touches

Making the cape was a lot of fun! Once I traced the shape from my purple fabric to my Black Cotton, I used a stencil to draw the crown and diamond design on the cotton with chalk. These were painted on with Gold fabric paint which didn't take long~ Once that had dried I sewed the black and purple together, right sides facing and flipped it inside out so the raw edges were neatly encased. This was a complete pain, since some of the swirly frills were narrow and it took forever to get them the right way around! The Cape attaches to the shirt with Velcro hidden under the shoulder section, and to finish off the shirt I added a Green fake crystal and some gold ribbon to match the reference. I actually wanted to use chain but I couldn't find the one I'd set aside, whoops!

10th October 2017

The Shirt

I vaguely know how to make a shirt, but figured it's so much easier and cheaper to just buy one and modify it! The first thing I did was cut out the 'window' at the front- I just made marks for the top and bottom of the hole on the shirt while I was wearing it, and hemmed it with white bias binding. I'm using a little bit of hidden Velcro on the inside of the top and bottom to keep it duly slowed, and I replaced the buttons with plain gold ones that match those I sewed to the Skirt. I cut the sleeves off at the elbow, and used some stiff white fabric I to make her longer cuffs. In an ideal world the top of the sleeves would be more gathered but I didn't want to make completely new sleeves and risk doing it wrong! On the end of the cuffs is a little bit of white lace to finish it all off. All I'm waiting for is a little green gemstone to arrive, so I can attach it to the buttonhole directly under the collar! Next is the cape!

10th October 2017

The Cape Part 1

I finally have a use for the nice thick Purple fabric I bought for my Crystal Maiden cosplay that never happened- Glynda's Cape! I spent a good while drawing out the cape's shape and trying to figure out roughly how long it should be and where it should all sit, and then transferred that shape to my purple fabric! It's about 100cm long, so it sits just above my knees!

9th October 2017

The Skirt

So the easiest part of this costume was the Skirt, which started life as a bodycon dress that I wore a grand total of twice I think? It's completely elastic and I like the shape of it, so rather than let it sit in my wardrobe I cut it down into a high wasted skirt! I used a zigzag stitch to hem it so I didn't lose any elasticity. I already had some gold buttons tucked away so I quickly stitched those on to the front to mimic the fastening in the front of Glynda's dress. Lastly, I stitched some cheap lace along the bottom hem. It's not very fancy but it looks the part! With that the Skirt is easily done!

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