Zelda - Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess





This is pretty much a costume which i've always dismissed for myself until recently when i realised that i do want to cosplay her, and i can if i wish to!

She's such a beautiful and strong character - both personality and design so i thought, why not? I can only but try my best.


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Progress Journal

18th January 2014

Ears 2.0

New Hylian ears! I've gone for half ears this time using a different, simpler technique and they work so much better! The top photo is unpainted and the bottom painted.

Because her ears kind of change between images and references (in some they are more basic, other more complex like humans) i decided to go for ones with more detail, but not over-doing the detail!

17th January 2014

Making ears...

First latex elf ears i’ve made...ever! About two days work on and off and i seriously thought they were gonna fail so many times! They're a bit big but were meant to be full ear ones...i may make some more of a different style!