Fujiko Mine - Lupin the Third





Recently watched the series, and although I wasn't expecting to, loved it.

For the Namsoc regional social this year, the twins at our society have both decided to go as Lupin, one in his green suit and one in his red. With my Alex going as Jigen, I decided it might be fun to go as Fujiko.

The outfit I decided on is the one where she has a low neck long sleeve black top, blue jeans, heels and a red scarf bandanna neck tie thingy and longer hair. With my size it's one I can pull off better than the rest I think.


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Progress Journal

16th January 2014

Pretty much done already

Well the wig I'm going to use arrived yesterday. Amusing as it is so similar to my natural hair colour. If I didn't dye it I could've gotten away without a wig XD

I have a black jumper that works well, and jeans. I'm just considering which shoes to wear. Well, the image I'm following she wears red heels. I have black heels in the exact same style, so I could wear them, or I have some red flats. Then again, I'm wondering if it might be fun to stray a little form the design and wear boots with it instead. Hmm...