Sailor Pluto (Original Anime Version) - Sailor Moon




I wanted to do a Sailor Moon costume for a while, partly for simply shits and giggles, I'm to totally unsuited to the costume physically, but also as a sort of memory to my Anime fandom days in the early/mid 90's with Manga Video and 3rd hand fan subs VHS tapes etc in conventions in Birmingham and Sheffield etc. Back then the masquerades where rather small part of it all, not like today and I wasn't really confident to dress up anyway, I limited my expression to Fan Art and Doujinshi (I wrote and drew one for erm 2 episodes), but now with cosplay everywhere its time to dress up :)

Since I can't sew very well (but if I practised I would get better....) I ordered the costume off Ebay
It arrived today

Was worried when it turned up it said size XL on it and I ordered 3XL (I'm rather large, 6' 1" and not exactly skinny), but am impressed by the dress, stitching is good (better than Primark or H&M) materials are well chosen (its not all just cheap poly cotton) and it fits my very odd size, yey :) skirt even has a built in petticoat to poof it up a bit (note to self, wear substantial underwear when wear this, in case of gusts of wind etc).

Have been told by another cosplayer to be wary of outfits like this riding up though (her's did), as its really supposed to be a leotard and a separate skirt, but then again leotards rarely fit me because I'm so tall

Bows are nice, thick material with stiffing inside and nice detailing, headband looks good but is a bit tight on me and appears to be made of wood or plastic or something, I'll see if I can stretch it a bit with some heat, choker has nice little plastic jewel on it but is a touch to small, I'll have to make a little extension for it (which will be hidden under my the wig)

Only problem is the gloves, the gloves themselves are fine, white Lycra, but they have these black bands at the top which don't stretch much and aren't quite big enough to go over my forearms (my arms are quite thin, relative to the rest of me IMHO, but I guess are quite large compared to the average Sailor Moon Cosplayer).

So a couple of little adjustments and we should be good, I recommend this seller, ASCOSing (also know as Artistic Sprouts Cosing). They even supplied a fabric bag to store it in

Guess I better get on with building the other bits, for the boots I'm going to modify a pair I already have (bought in a Matalan sale for not a lot) by folding down the top to make a point and adding a strip of white material to the top.

I'm going to try and build the Key staff myself, from PVC pipe, polystyrene balls and either EVA foam or wood for the key bits and the heart top. For the sphere's I found some cheep Xmas Tree Baubles which should work

Want to get everything done before my holiday as I'm back just in time for the London Anime Con, which I hope to debut it at, if not there's MCM expo and/or the Sci Fi London parade


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Progress Journal

26th May 2014


Am calling it finished, made some adjustments, used iron on repair material to make the chocker a little bigger, brought in the wrists on the gloves. To stop it rolling up I sewed elastic loops on to the tip of the V hip roll front and back (on the inside) and buttons onto the some long underwear, that way I could slip the elastic over the buttons to keep the dress pulled down and get the classic V shape. To stop the boots from wrinkling I duct taped (erm yeah bit cheap and nasty) a plastic bone into them (on the inside of course).

Wore the costume to MCM expo May 2014, Saturday, seems to go OK, character was recognised and I got a few complements (possibly due to bravely), didn't get any pictures though, forgot to put a card in my camera. Those boots have 4" heels though, that did me in after about 4 hours.

Will have to find an find another even to wear it to now its done, if I can find a new wig, that one is horrible and tangles all the time.

9th March 2014

First test

See pic on the main profile

I Look a bit chunky because there's no corset under this one :( have to diet.

Costume still needs more work, the boots fall down a bit, will try and stiffen them with some plastic boning, gloves are too short (should come up to just past the elbow) and fall down, have some replacement ones already just need to sew on the black end bits, chocker needs widening a little as its very tight and that hair, OMG it just goes everywhere apart from where you want it to.
Oh and I forgot to put the earrings on.

The dress rides up as friend warned me it would, am holding down with a safety pin to my knickers for the photo's to get the V shape, but have found a great way to do it properly (saw it on a forum post), sew a button on my knickers and a loop of elastic at the tip of the V, then just loop the elastic around the button, simple, will try and do it

Am still working on the staff to go with it, but painting didn't go well and it didn't turn up as good as I hoped it would, still have some detailing to do on its as well.

But biggest problem is my expression, my usual sulky pouty look just doesn't work with this costume does it.

Should get most of sorted for MCM expo, but am going to have stay away from the waterside, it gets windy there and my hair (and skirt) will go everywhere.

16th February 2014

Time Key Staff

Got around to starting the Time Key Staff/Garnet Rod (the name appears interchangeable) this weekend. Its made from PVC pipe, craft foam, polystyrene balls, balsa wood, dowel and Xmas baubles, plus lots of glue. Its about 1.47cm long, actually that's a bit shorter than it should be but I had to work to convention prop guide lines. It breaks down into 4 sections for transport and is pretty light. Still got loads to do, have to seal the foam and wood, slap on loads of filler to hide the gaps, then sanding priming and probably more filler, sanding and so on until the finish is good enough for paint.

12th February 2014

Earrings and Gloves

Have finished the earrings in the end I made 2 pairs, one out of sheet styrene (3 .5mm layers glued together) and the other out of 6mm EVA foam, the foam ones are the bigger ones. Both sets have been glue to blank clip on earrings (I'm not pierced) I got from Ebay for a couple of quid. originally thought the foam wouldn't work, but now after paint and filler and sanding and varnish etc. I think they look better than the styrene ones.

Also worked on the gloves, made my own cuffs with shinny black lycra (had plenty left from my Black Canary project) turned over to the non shinny side and stuffed it with fake fur (left over from my Black Cat project) and all sewed up on my little machine, which was behaving itself today (must of threaded it properly for a change). New ones aren't as nice as the bought ones, but look aren't to bad and do fit, have tack stitched them back onto the white gloves and are ready to go

Now just have to build the staff....

10th February 2014

Still loads to do

Didn't make it for the LAC :(

Still have loads to do, have now done the boots, folded down the tops of the boots and hand stitched them up (didn't think my little sewing machine would punch through 2 layers of leatherette), then made a paper pattern for the white trim, then cut out some white leatherette (got from Shepard's Bush Market, 2.95 for a huge piece) and contact glue up seams and then to the boots. Glue is cheating, but I didn't think I could sew it. The results are not perfect, see pic, but will do I guess. Maybe redo in future if I can find better boots.

I've stared the earrings, got some blank clip-ons (I'm not pierced, I don't really like piercings of any kind) and have made the shapes out of EVA foam, am trying to paint them now. May have a rethink about materials though, needs something that sands and paints easier than EVA but still can be cut or shaped easily.... (edit) Ah just remembered I had some sheet styrene, its only .5mm, but I can double or triple it up, glue up the bits and sand it and it loves acrylic paint, will give that a go.

Gloves :( after I found they didn't fit, the 3 ring arm band bits on the end are to small I thought about inserting a strip of black Lycra between them, no that won't work, I need a couple of inches :( so unpicked the bands from the original gloves carefully and re-sewed up the white gloves, they fit fine as they are stretchy. I'll now try (emphasis try) to make my own black padded arm bands for the gloves in my size, they don't look that difficult, but I'm awful at sewing. Have to find some matching material as well.

I've bought all the materials for the key staff now and have a plan, just have to put it into action.... think I'll try and get the gloves and earrings done first