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I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth for a few years now, and although I'd planned to watch RWBY since it was released, I eventually got around to marathoning it after listening to MadameLapin repeatedly praise it in 2013. I loved the character designs and was completely stumped on which character to cosplay for a while, until I eventually settled on Ruby herself - she was my favourite before the first episode was even released, and she remained so afterwards (Weiss comes in a close second, so I might cosplay her someday too).

The boots were the first thing that I started work on; I bought a pair of black lace-up boots from eBay, and when they arrived I swapped out the laces for red ones that I already owned. I painted the soles red and made box pleats out of red seam tape for the tops of the boots, then glued them into place. I had considered using ribbon, but I wanted something with a matte finish and the seam tape was what I was happiest with. Finally, I made straps out of black pleather and buckles out of red craft foam, then glued them onto the boots.

The dress is made out of black gabardine that I had in my fabric stash - I actually bought it years ago for a cosplay that never happened, so I decided to finally put it to some use. I made it all without a pattern, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. The red box pleats around the hem are duchess satin, and the box pleats around the neckline and sleeve hems are more red seam tape, like the boots. I made the petticoat from red dress net and some red economy satin for the lining. The tights are store-bought.

I made the corset out of black pleather and I also used two layers of black gabardine - one to stabilize the pleather so it wouldn't stretch, and one to line it with. There are more rows of boning in it than I care to count, and the 26 eyelets (14 in the front with red lacing for show, 12 in the back with black lacing to actually lace it up) were installed by my brother.

The cloak is made from some kind of red satin that I also had in my stash (seriously, most of the cost of this cosplay was in the wig and boots); I have no memory of how/why I acquired it or even what the name of it is, but there was enough of it to make a cloak and that was good enough for me! I also made the two cross pins that attach the cloak to the dress - I bought some cross earrings, snipped the earring hooks off and glued them to brooch pin bases.

The wig was another eBay purchase, and all I had to do with that was style the fringe. I cut it to the length that I liked, then styled some spikes into it using Got2BGlued hairspray.

The last parts I worked on were the belt and accessories. The silver pouch was made out of craft foam and covered in silver pleather, then I used the same silver pleather to make Ruby's rose logo and backed it onto black pleather, then backed that onto craft foam. The bullets were purchased from eBay (one of those cheap dress-up bullet belts that I took apart) and painted silver, then glued to some pleather. I used pretty much the remainder of my pleather to make the belt, and there's also a layer of buckram inside of it to help it stay looking nice. The accessories all attach with velcro.


TheStarlightFairy posted on 25 March, 2014 - 23:44
Gorgeous <3

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