Genesis Rhapsodos (Secret Ending version) - Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus





Fell in love with GACKT's Diabolos tour coat and decided to make it. Kiddo mentions that since we were going to Distant Worlds in London that I should finish it in time for that since it's the same coat GACKT wore in his first appearance as "Progect G" (Later revealed to be Genesis in Crisis Core)

So I threw together the rest of the outfit for the event and whilst I wear the coat all around town on an everyday basis, I just need to add the belts and an apple, cut off my hair and dye it Ginger and BOOM "cosplay!" :P

so something of an accidental cosplay really. :/


WhiteWraith posted on 29 July, 2014 - 22:41
Looks amazing :)