Athos (Musketeer - Commission ) - The Three Musketeers (1993 movie)

Status :Complete
Worn At :Kitacon 2014


Athos Tabard 2

Athos Tabard 1

Athos Trousers

Athos Shirt



This a commission for the shirt, trousers and Over-tunic.

This gives me a chance to go back to my theatre costume work roots as a lot of the work I did was with historical costumes.


InfiniteJester posted on 7 May, 2014 - 08:17
Love this!

Sephirayne posted on 7 May, 2014 - 08:48
Thank you ever so much ^_^

naurarwen posted on 7 May, 2014 - 14:10
This does look very awesome.

Sephirayne posted on 10 May, 2014 - 01:18
Thank you ever so much hun x.

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

Tabard progress 6 (Posted 7th May 2014)

I finish off the tabard by sealing and checking edges. I also add some frogging to complete the look.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Tabard progress 5 (Posted 7th May 2014)

I now work on the main body. I set up the trim on the front and back. I then sew at the shoulders. I repeat with the lining. I then sew both together with the sleeves.

The photo shows the over stitching while I seal in the sleeves.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Tabard progress 4 (Posted 7th May 2014)

Once all the appliqué is completed I work on the sleeves. I add the trim and line them. I then overlock the tops to keep them secure. They are then ready to attach to the main body.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Tabard progress 3 (Posted 7th May 2014)

I then began sewing on each piece of appliqué very carefully. I try to match each one up as close as possible.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Tabard progress 2 (Posted 7th May 2014)

Once I was happy I began to draw out the design four times on my chosen fabric. I went with a sliver leather look fabric. It doesn't fray which makes applying the appliqué a little easier.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Tabard progress 1 (Posted 7th May 2014)

This I made last as I had a little trouble tracking down the right fabric. I went with an alternative that was the right colour but was lighter. It still had the drape I needed.

First things first I set up the stencil for the appliqué. This took some calculation as I wanted to make sure that it wouldn't be too small or too big for the overall look.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Trousers progress 2 (Posted 7th May 2014)

Once the button fly was set up I then put together the rest of the main body (sadly no photos). Once its together I then add the waistband.

The waistband I decided to do part elasticated and part stiff. This would allow for comfort.

In the picture I am finishing of the final stages of the waistband. After this I finish the trousers with hemming and then they are complete.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Trousers progress 1 (Posted 7th May 2014)

After the shirt I moved onto the trousers. I went for a basic design of trousers that would be comfortable and would look the part.

In this photo is the fly casing being set up ready to go into the trousers. I've done the buttons and button holes at this point as its easier to work with.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Shirt Progress 4 (Posted 7th May 2014)

Once the sleeves are finished its the final hem and then the shirt is complete.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Shirt Progress 3 (Posted 7th May 2014)

With the main body and the collar finished its time to work on the sleeves.

In this picture I'm adding some cotton tape to act as elastic casing for the wrists.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Shirt Progress 2 (Posted 7th May 2014)

After I had sewn the collar in place I seal it on the inside with some hand stitching.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Shirt Progress 1 (Posted 7th May 2014)

For The shirt I used a pirate shirt patten. This gave the right look for shirt. I made some minor modifications to work for Athos.

In this picture I'm setting up pin tucks as I add the collar. The main body was completed at this point.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne