England (Pirate) - Hetalia


Kitacon 2014


Shinigami_ky posted on 27 February, 2014 - 09:09
what day are you doing this? I'm planning a pirate Spain for the friday I'd love to get a pic with you!

SquarePegSaz posted on 7 April, 2014 - 19:48
Oh jeeze, I never look at comments on here, I'm so sorry I missed you DD8 I only wore it for the ball in the end - too many costumes ;-;

Shinigami_ky posted on 26 June, 2014 - 16:42
it's okay, I only just saw that comment too (when I was totally not stalking your page honest), I did actually spot you at the ball, though I was in Anna by that point and I can't remember if I got a picture at all (our Sunday was so stressed out I have hardly any pictures from it), but it looked awesome! And pirate England is love XD

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