Katniss Everdeen
The Hunger Games

Cosplayer: wxnter.soldier

Variant: Arena

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

8th October 2014: Bow and Arrow wip Katniss' bow and arrow the the arena for the hunger games is shown to be silver i was originally going to spray paint my black bow and arrow silver for this cosplay however today i decided against this. As expo is coming around the corner and I haven't got the spray paint yet or even know how to prime metal and plastic I made up my mind to leave the bow and arrow black because I might not finish the bow and arrow in time if i spray paint it. I might decide later in a few months whether or not i will improve this cosplay. All i have to do now for this cosplay is sew the red bias binding onto the jumper which i will do closer to expo.

13th August 2014: supplies the Bow and arrow as well as the trousers and the bias binding came today.

8th August 2014: Orders Orderd the bow and arrow, trousers, quiver and some red bias binding to line the jumper.