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Made for the a team RWBY meet up and shoot at London MCM. It was a fun costume to tackle, a lot of it is pre-made clothes that have been modified. There are exception which include the sleeves and bow. The sword was made my hand out of standard foam board.

The leggings additionally were hand dyed, it's the first piece of clothing I have dyed so I am particularly pleased with the result

There are plans to re-wear this costume with the rest of team at May MCM, however some parts of the costume that have been reworked.

The bow was originally made by a friend who has not seen the show so ideally it was too small, this has already been fixed to a larger bow. It's made out of ribbon rather than cotton.

The main long black sleeve now has a band of silver ribbon rather than white that looks much neater. The smaller sleeve has been replaced with multiple gummy bracelets which look better.

Zips are still to be added to the shorts and while I own cats ears no photo's have yet been taken. I would also like to invest in some yellow contacts for this costume.

Finally the sword is in repairs as during the expo the blade of the sword snapped while being sheathed.


Aisuhimeriae posted on 22 January, 2014 - 23:05
Team RWBY forever <3 <3 <3