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Believe it or not, I'm not just a CHiRAL fangirl, I love all of the other Nitroplus stuff too~

When I found out that SUPER SONICO (Nitroplus' music mascot) was getting her own anime, I went crazy from happiness \( * w * )/

I actually saw it yesterday and it was everything I hoped it would be, it even had references to the SONICOM games in it!!

Anyway, to celebrate, I'm putting together her blue cat parka outfit that she wears in the first episode of the anime.
I'm going to a few events this year, so hopefully I can take her along to one with me!!

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8th January 2014


So here's the plan! I'll be buying Sonico's headphones (I found working ones that ship to the UK! HAPPY~), I'll be making her guitar necklace out of some old yellow shrink plastic that I have which I'll attach to a gold chain (yellow and gold, that'll look attractive ._.), I'm going to combine a sky blue top with a white one to make the baseball top and I'll be making the sleeveless cat parka from scratch (no pun intended). Hopefully it will all turn out okay!! ♥

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