Inigo - Fire Emblem: Awakening


Kitacon 2014


I've pretty much fell in love with Fire Emblem: Awakening, even if I haven't played any previous Fire Emblem games. I've fallen in love with pretty much all the characters, but so far, Inigo stands out as a clear cut favourite, I think. At first, I married Olivia as a guy and fathered Inigo, but the father conversations made me feel things. Feelings. They hurt.

Twistyprince posted on 1 February, 2014 - 18:38
damn right your dad is henry cawcawcawcaw son

BakaBakaRangers posted on 1 February, 2014 - 21:33
dAD PLS go caw at mother, I'm sure she'll enjoy it

craft foam
Glove Pattern
Bias Binding
Belt Ribbon

Total cost: £0.00

20th March 2014


Inigo is practically complete. All I'm really missing is the gloves! I'll be sorting them tomorrow/this weekend I hope. As for what I've been doing...the basic answer is; Burning myself a lot. And then playing video games because I'm mad at myself for burning myself. I feel like Inigo has long as frick legs or something, because I put the leg warmers up to about where they would be on his thighs...yet they don't feel long enough? Like they should be higher? But any higher and they'd be basically covered by the shirt. And to my crotch, for that matter. Why do bishie characters always have long-ass legs.

3rd March 2014


The vest is basically ready! Just needs any extra hemming sorted and it should be fine and dandy! The zip was hand sewn in by my good friend Sasha, who hand sews 1000000x better than I ever could. oops. She wanted to learn how to machine sew, but I think I was just watching and learning how she hand sew things ;v; Now is just to hem and take in the back and it's ready to go!

27th February 2014

Shield at around %70

just needs the paper machie finished then a few good paint jobs (and the strap adding) and its done! I had to type this like 10 times, i'm literally typing one-handed with the shield in hand. dry quicker, asshole.

26th February 2014

Sick as hell, man...

I'm off sick a lot lately because I,,,well, I don't know, but I'm sick a lot lately. Means I can't concentrate on uni work or I just fumble with it all and make no sense. Gotta get good grades, y'know? So, I've been messing with some of the easy stuff with Inigo. And by that I mean asking Micky to make the ear rings. Okay, joking aside, I have cut out the glove pattern, so I should be starting those today. Got some of it cut out so, we'll see (god, i'm cutting it all as I type, that's not a good thing). They'll be my first ever pair of gloves...and I'm not good with reading instructions for patterns, so...we'll have to see if these turn out well at all...I'm nervous.

13th February 2014


I don't even know what to say here? Mostly because sewing the belt was kinda fucked up...like, I even broke a LEATHER SEWING NEEDLE trying to sew it. And I think the foot of my sewing machine is now hanging off, so I possibly need a new one. This is just slowly summing up how much money Inigo has cost me. I just need to get some velcro onto the belt and that's it, but I'll probably just hot glue it on, since it's pretty much becomming a pain in the arse. On a side note; I broke another sewing needle earlier, but this one was more confusing since it was a cotton needle sewing cotton? It just snapped so I'm assuming it'd just been used to it's fullest and broke. But that was halfway sewing bias binding onto the vest...so I have to get another tomorrow.

27th January 2014


Well, it turned up! Pure white, though. But, hey, I wasn't really fussed about what colour I'd use, that'd just be a matter of claiming a specific father, which I can do. Though...it's actually made me happy for it to be white? I mean, my first playthrough as a male character, I married Olivia which meant Inigo came from my loins. And my character was pretty much the default male look, so Inigo came out with White hair (and Morgan popped out with pink hair-jUST LIKE HER MOTHER. Happy families, man.). I actually had a preference seeing him with white hair. Seeing him as Chrom's son with blue hair didn't feel right????? I dunno. If that story doesn't work, my dad is Henry.

18th January 2014


I shouldn't have convinced myself that this was a good idea, because I'm pretty sure this whole cosplay is gonna look bad on me...but that could just be my self esteem fucking up... But, the under shirt is complete. It looks find and dandy, but I might need to sort some extra parts of it out in the future. We'll see. But I used a basic shirt patten, added longer sleeves and shit, had to make two of each sleeve in the two colours,,,loads to do, but did it in a day, quite proud of myself and the shirt actually doesn't look half bad. Now gotta start on the vest in the next couple of days. Gosh-if this gets done for midlands, i'll be really pleased!

11th January 2014

okay, here we go...

So, with most things bought and ready to start, I began by messing around with the shield for Inigo's arm. Well...It's my first day off college in a while, and I wanted to mess with the craft foam and see what I could do with it. It's pretty fun, but it stinks when you have to wave a bunch of it around. I've ended up with a decent shape, but I didn't like how the top went at first, so I decided to add that as an extra, since it had to stick out...weirdly... As for everything else, I'm planning on making the under shirt first and seeing what's left of material and such. I've not done much panneling, though, so good luck to me...

8th January 2014

Wig ordered

Well, the wig came from China and I wasn't risking chinese new year screwing me over more than once, since they did it last year, too. Psh... Well, the wig is a silver-grey colour, trying to base it off the official art. But I have a feeling someone will probably tell me it's wrong, but, tbh, they can't really say that. I could wear an orange wig and just say; 'my father is Gaius'. SHRUG.

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