Iron Fist (Immortal Iron Fist) - Marvel Comics




So I'd planned on cosplaying this guy for like AGES and never got around to it because A) no money, B) lack of skill and C) no money.
Then, just as Thought Bubble was coming around, I noticed that I had quite a bit of spare money for once. Plus Fraction and Aja attended so I really had to cosplay something for them both as, yeah, they're my favourite writer and artist duo.

I had the choice between Hawkguy and Iron Fist and, after much internal debate (as Hawkeye is my favourite Marvel character //of all time//), I decided I'd be Danny. I wanted a challenge for once, and my best friend offered to help...

So yeah, I got a LOT of help from The-Oncoming-Storm. They helped out with all the pattern making, and they somehow made my mask and it's beautiful ajkhsfg.


nanahara posted on 8 January, 2014 - 13:08
nicely done, you look great as Iron Fist