Ambush Bug (New 52 - Channel 52 Reporter) - DC Comics


DEV-CON 2013




A quick and simple cosplay to coincide with my GF's Bethany Snow.

Green morph suit
3D setting Fabric paint

Sourced: Shirt, trousers, shoes, shades, tie, lanyard
Made: ID badge,Mic

I decided I'd do a clothed version of A-Bug, for the sake of modesty and not just wanting to walk around in just a morph suit

Quite simply I put on the suit and got a family member to draw where my eyes and mouth were.
Then using reference images I sketched out the face markings before tracing over with fabric paint.
I stretched the suit over a place mat, to avoid reducing the masks flexibility completely.

I wrapped a couple of pipe cleaners around the end of another to produce the thicker section of the antennae. Then made a couple of incisions in the morph suit and stuck them in place.

For the mics I made a cube from card and attached it to a aluminium foil tube. I printed out some custom logos and glued them on. The cover was made by gluing an old sock to a round yogurt pot. (The mics were hastily made the night before the con out of what I could grab)

I wore the shades under the suit- which became uncomfortable after a while due to them being forced into the bridge of my nose. The pipe cleaners were also a little uncomfortable- I'll need to get some sponge or something to cover the edges, masking tape didn't work. I'm also looking at replacing the shades with goggles or filling the spaces with a lens-like material. Or perhaps just cushioning my face against my shades... as I'm short sighted I kind of want to be wearing glasses at a con haha!


nanahara posted on 6 January, 2014 - 07:20
lol love it man, very well done

munnit posted on 13 January, 2014 - 21:24
Oh, you made the microphones did you?! Hmmmmm?!