Q Bee - DarkStalkers

Worn AtKitacon 2014




leedwood posted on 19 August, 2014 - 23:28
That's a great costume! Looks really like her. The black eyes are kind of scary!

Progress Journal

Contact lenses (Posted 24th January 2014)

So I received my black sclera lenses today through the post, I'll try them on when I get my wig. More progress has been made on the other parts of the costume, but I haven't taken any photos yet. More to come soon.

Bodysuit progress (Posted 6th January 2014)

So this was only completed yesterday. Although the photo was taken today. I laid down on the fabric and had my girlfriend (who is also my Morrigan at Kita!) draw around me with some chalk to create a custom pattern. I made it come down to my calves and reach to my shoulders, but the arms are sleeveless. Sewed it together and chopped some extra bits off, and installed a zip. In this shot I've put my boots on over the top, but I'm actually going to sew these together at the knees to create a one piece suit that the leotard will go on top of. I'm actually going to make the yellow bands extend all the way around my knee so that it hides the seam, and then attach the spikes to the front. Apart from that I just need to hem the shoulders.

Boot covers done (Posted 6th January 2014)

Again, these were completed the same day as the cuffs but I've only just uploaded them. I also started work on the bodysuit that day.

The covers are a really great metallic purple lycra which have been stretched over a pair of wedges. The original shoe came up to my ankles but I've chopped it down so it's effectively just a slip on now. The material is hot glued all of the way around and there's a seam up the front and back which connects the actual material together.

Cuffs! (Posted 6th January 2014)

These were actually created a while ago, but I've only just around to uploading the photos. It's just some white synthetic fur that's been made in to a tube, stuffed and then hot glued together to crate the cuff. Took a while to get the right amount of stuffing but I'm happy with how they've turned out. May need a little reinforcing though at the join.