Volstagg (Classic- Yellow Arms) - Marvel Comics - Thor




My first cosplay and first attempt at creating my own.

Volstagg the Voluminous, Lion of Asgard! A supporting character from the Thor comics, he seemed to be a fun and fitting character to use as a first cosplay.

I don't think it's that bad for a first attempt! I was really happy with how the beard came out. Helmet was a little small but looked okay. Tunic was a bit rubbish, needs remaking/working - especially the shoulder pads/ruffles.

Produced the helmet, tunic and beard myself.
Purchased a yellow long-sleeve top, yellow sweatpants, boot covers, belt and sword.
Stuffed belly with a pillow...

It was my first time sewing/producing a rough garment from scratch so I'm not that dissatisfied. I simply cut two wide torso shapes from some material I sourced at the city market, pinned and sewed. The shoulder Ruffles where made by producing cylinders of material and stuffing them with some toy stuffing I got for cheap from ebay, then hand sewing them on (wonky)

The beard was very time consuming, but the effect was great and it wasn't uncomfortable to wear, though the felt backing began to stress and I'll have to remake it (Yarn loops sewn in lines onto felt)

The helmet was made by creating a cast of my head using gumstrip, enforcing that with paper maché and card. Then using paper clay to produce a smoother shape and using glue as a varnish after sanding. Then finishing up with paint. The ribbon is fed through a small hole in the top of the helmet, they are supported by pieces of bendable wire to give them shape.

I enjoyed being Volstagg, but unfortunately was a bit shy with getting pictures taken... And those taken with friends I forgot to take my bag of, Derp! I definitely plan on updating and wearing this for some group shots one day!

Side note: A very pleasant and tall lady was cosplaying Loki, along with her friend who was Lady Thor, she very gleefully recognised who I was and got a picture with me and my GF as Valkyrie, if you've seen the pic around anywhere, please contact me :)


Kacela posted on 26 February, 2014 - 20:56
I love the beard!