Lina - Dota 2


Kitacon 2014

Winner - Sunnycon 2015


Decided since there was such a big Valve presence at Kita this year, plus I freaking love Dota 2, me and my other half would do Lina and Sniper. May also have a Crystal Maiden with me :D

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24th March 2014

Bodice, sleeves and Choker

Quick update before bed of my Lina Cosplay. Top half is now complete with the capes and waist cincher currently drying. The Dip Gradient Dying has worked really well with the poly-cotton I’ve been using. The gold phoenix motif was made from this awesome sparkly gold Lycra material - basically I needed something that didn’t fray - and then it was iron on transferred onto the bodice. The bodice is plastic boned and has turned out quite well for my first go at boning a corset :v

12th February 2014

Resin Gems: Crystal

So the Crystal Resin worked out pretty well. Just needs a good sanding and polish with acrylic gloss and then it should be ready for painting. Now need to make 3 more :v

1st February 2014

Resin Gems: WIP

Me and my crafty bff Amy aka Bakenekoya have spent the evening productively; making resin gems and drinking :P This has been a huge step for me and my cosplay. Amy is so talented when it comes to sculpting and resin casting, so I asked if I could borrow her expertise and learn how to cast some simple gems for my Lina, DotA 2 cosplay. She taught me how to sculpt and sand correctly, how to use a simple modelling sculpting paste as opposed to her normal mould making method and then what the end result would be with a simple normal resin. The result was amazing! Now I need to have a go with this mould and Crystal Resin, so we’ll se how that goes :D

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